How To Backpack In Europe

Backpacking is one of the most interesting and challenging things to do, especially when you are young and want to explore more about the world.
Among all of the places that people dream to go backpack in, Europe is on the top list. This area has a lot of heritages and traditions as well as new and modern hints for you to explore. In addition, traveling throughout Europe is very easy thanks to the Schengen scheme.

In case backpacking through Europe is your dream, this is the perfect time to do it now until you get so much busy later in life. Don’t be so overwhelmed with planning and preparing for the backpacking trip to Europe, it would be so easy as long as you learn about some guides and tips on doing so.

Here are some tips which can help you to backpack in Europe:

1. Budgeting And Saving Money

The first thing that you need to do to make sure your backpacking trip to Europe is a success by setting a determined mind to it. And there is nothing to show your determination as much as start saving money as you as you can.
You might not have the clear idea of how much money you would need in the beginning but it helps a lot when you start saving a small portion amount of money every day.
Later on, you need to work out how much money you would need for your backpacking trip. There are many options you could consider to save money but you need to make sure you save enough money to pay for the airplane ticket and foods during the time you are in Europe.
Plan to pay around 1000 dollars for airplane tickets and about 100 to 200 dollars each day for eating, traveling around and accommodation.

2. Preparing Legal Documents

You need to have your IDs, you international driving license, your international student card (If you have one) and most importantly your passport ready a long time prior in advance.
In case you need to apply for a Schengen visa, it is also a good idea to apply as soon as possible. There will be a lot of applications for a visa during peak seasons and the time you can get your visa might take up to months.
Also remember to bring copies of your passport and printouts of booking accommodation and airplane ticket. Your bookings might be check at the border for security reason.

3. Deciding The Time And The Place Where You Want To Go

Europe is a big place with more than 20 countries for you to explore. And in each country, there are also many different cities with their own unique styles and traditions. Therefore, picking which countries and which cities you are going to backpack in should take you a lot of time with careful consideration.
Before choosing the countries that you want to go backpacking in, firstly, you should decide how long you want to backpack in Europe. The longer the stay, the more countries you can visit to. You can also go for many places in a short time but you need to pick locations which are close to each other.
You can visit some websites such as Tripadvisor for further advice about the most popular places, attractions and buildings you want to visit. In addition, the website has many interesting lists such as the Best places to visit or t the Best off beaten paths which you can have a look at for your reference.

4. Deciding How You Will Backpack In Europe

As I mention above, there are a lot of options for your methods of transport to move around cities and countries in Europe. And luckily, there are some trains, buses and coaches which are connected between countries, making your trip easier than ever,
So basically, you will be able to go through countries and big cities with rail. In smaller cities and towns, you would have the option of going by bus. You can also fly to different cities thanks to the rising popularity of some budget airlines such as Easy Jet and Ryanair.
Keep in mind that while you can buy tickets to travel in these means of transport right before you board, it is so much cheaper when you can book these tickets way in advance.
Although there are a lot of choices for the ways you can travel, the best possible way is going by train. By doing so, you would be able to enjoy many spectacular views and scenery on the way. So further help you save money, you can consider buying the Eurail Pass. There are many options for number of countries and days for you to choose before purchasing the most suitable Eurail Pass for your need.

5. Searching For Accommodation

Like any other backpackers traveling to different parts of the world, hardly anyone would choose to stay in a hotel to reduce their cost. There are many cheap alternatives for you to choose from and the most popular choice is staying in hostels.
There are many booking sites which you can have a look at the available hostels at the moment as well as their price. You should also have a look at the map which shows the location of the hostel. In general, a hostel in the center of a city would be more expensive.
Another option you can consider is “coachsurfing”. There are also many groups which share posts about the available spot at their house so that you can come over. Since it can contain potential danger, remember to play safe and apply common sense.  For example, you should only do “couchsurfing” when you go with one or 2 more friends. Only stay with the local family is also a good option.
Besides being cheap, stay in a local hostels and do “courhsurfing” will help you to gain more interesting stories from other backpackers who have many tales and stories to tell. You would able be able to make friends with a lot of people who share the same interest.
Here is the list of steps of what you need to prepare before you go backpacking in Europe. By careful planning for budget, means of transport and accommodation as well as other essential preparation, you will be able to enjoy your trip and have a lot of fun times.
I hope that you can learn many things when you finish your backpack in Europe and gain a lot of experience for your next backpacking trip.



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