Best 2 Way Coffee Maker of 2020 – Reviews

Tea or coffee? Or perhaps you like both? If yes then, dual coffee brewers are here to make your life much easier!

According to HuffPost, each year about 400 million cups of coffee are consumed and 84 billion cups of tea served! That’s proof of how much everyone loves these caffeinated beverages and really can’t do without them.

Instead of spending between $5 to $10 every day on buying a cup of coffee on your way to school or work, why not invest in a 2-way coffee maker which will give you quality coffee, quickly served in your kitchen?

You can take your brewed beverage along with you in a travel mug, flask, or anything you love carrying your tea or coffee in!

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the details of our list of best 2-way coffee makers which guarantee you a smooth brewing experience every day!

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewer System (Thermal Carafe)

Are you that one person who is a fan of both tea and coffee but want a two in one appliance to cut down on your costs?  If yes then Ninja Hot and Cold brewed System might be the right choice for you!

The latest brewing technology lets you pick from an array of caffeinated beverages. The appliance is fully programmable so you get hot coffee without any hassle every morning. Smart basket recognition displays an option between tea and coffee.

Separate tea and basket options are also available so the essence and aroma of each caffeinated beverage don’t mix up. There is no limit to the brewing with 6 sizes available, you can pick between travel size, single cup, half carafe or full carafe through your coffee maker!

You can enjoy your coffee the way you like it with the 5 brewing styles ranging from classic to cold-brewed, rich in quality and so much more!

One astonishing fact about this machine is that whatever tea type you select, the machine knows the exact temperature and the number of steps needed to make a single perfect cup, so brewing never goes wrong!

The Thermal Carafe (holds up to 10 cups) can keep your caffeinated beverage hot up to 2 hours. Making silky smooth creamy frothing cups of coffee within seconds at home is not an issue anymore!


  • Six brewing sizes to choose from
  • Individual coffee and tea baskets to keep the flavors from mixing
  • You get to choose your size and style of brewing every day!


  • Quite expensive

What’s the bottom line?

If money isn’t a problem, and you are particular about your coffee and tea’s perfect flavors, this might be your best investment which will last for a long time!

Hamilton Beach 49980A

Enjoy between a single cup to a whole pot with Hamilton Beach comprising a capacity of 12 cups of coffee!

Wake up to piping hot coffee as the appliance is fully programmable and the auto shut option gives you peace of mind even if you forget to turn the appliance off. With Hamilton Beach 2-way coffee maker, you have the ease of brewing directly into a short cup or carafe.

The mesh filter adds flavored premium-roast grinds with ease, uses fewer coffee grinds to prevent from overflowing though! Brew selector lets you choose from regular to standard medium or bold grinds just the way you like it.

The carafe-side water reservoir has a very large capacity, plus it has markings on it to guide you through the measurements!


  • Makes hot coffee almost instantly
  • You can brew in advance 2-way brewing options
  • Control panel display


  • Doesn’t offer travel mug

What’s the bottom line?

Hamilton Beach is probably an ideal appliance for brewing coffee when it comes to dual coffee makers. It’s having good capacity and also makes great-tasting coffee in advance.

Cuisinart SS-15 Coffee Center

Equipped with two methods of brewing, is a great choice for professional and non-professional baristas. This machine is everything in one with fully programmable features, you get to make a whole batch of 12 cup coffee maker on one side and a single cup serving on the contrary with varying brewing sizes.

A reusable filter cup lets you make a single serving of your favorite coffee grounds. The control panel makes brewing so much easier as it offers 24-hour programmability which is fully automated, itself cleans, you get to control your coffee’s temperature and the auto on and off option increases the feasibility of operating the appliance.

Cuisinart also offers 3 coffee capsules so you get to choose between dark roast, French vanilla, and medium roast. The capsules can be recycled, just brew your favorite roast, once it cools, remove the filter from the outer cup and compost your grounds!

40oz removable water reservoir makes filling easy and the drip tray can be removed to fit travel mugs as well.


  • Cleaning the appliance is very easy
  • Can make a batch or one cup!
  • Removal drip tray adjusts travel mugs well


  • Fairly pricey

What’s the bottom line?

Since the machine has both options, you can use it for brewing a batch or just a single coffee cup, it is easy to operate, however, it’s expensive. Other than that the machine is good to go!

Keurig K475

Keurig Coffee maker is the perfect appliance for all the bachelors. Firstly, it’s compact and has a beautiful exterior. Secondly, it has amazing features like 6 K cup pods, a water filter handle and to make caffeinated beverages taste heavenly 2 filters are also added too.

If you are a heavy coffee drinker, the 70 ounces large reservoir lets you brew up to 8 cups of coffee every day!

The reservoir is easy to wash, removable and making your morning routine a lot better and less messy. Varying K cup pod brew sizes let you enjoy as much coffee as you like. You can also enjoy your coffee at the temperature you like with the 5 temperature ranges and strength control settings.

You can program your brewer on when setting on and off times, it brews only when you press the button and turns off at your set time too so energy consumption is at it’s best! The digital clock makes the best tasting coffee within minutes. Auto On/Off lets, you set the time as per your requirements.


  • Premium and customizable
  • Makes coffee quickly
  • Makes great tasting coffee
  • The digital clock makes accurately brewed beverages


  • It is expensive

What’s the bottom line?

The appliance is comparatively pricey but if you are an individual who loves great tasting coffee every day without much hassle, this is probably a good pick for you!

Cuisinart CHW-12

If you can’t handle the mess, then Cuisinart coffee maker is here to make brewing job a less messy business for you! This 12 Cup coffee maker with a drip-free spout and is easy to handle. Moreover, its fully automatic, the automatic ON/OFF system can help you cut down on added costs on your electricity bills.

The auto-clean function makes cleaning easy, the appliance also has a 1-4 cup setting.  If you like your coffee sizzling hot, medium or low, the carafe temperature control lets you control the intensity with its heater plate.

Before the brewing cycle finishes you can taste your coffee with the brew-pause feature! Almost everyone is particular about the way their coffee tastes, the charcoal water filter, and the gold-tone filter can help reach expectations.

These two features remove any impurities which might alter the original flavors of your coffee.  Moreover, the appliance is BPA free so its safe to brew. When the water is hot enough to brew or when its time to refill, the indicator lights flash so you know it’s a signal.

Tall travel mugs are not an issue to adjust as you can easily remove the drip tray and fill your mug. Hot water in the wink of an eye whether you need it for soup, tea or cocoa, just press the lever to dispense piping hot water.

The separate hot water system features a 54-ounce water reservoir since it has its sown power button, you can operate it independently or even while making coffee. A safety feature is also included so no harm is done by hot water involuntarily getting dispensed.


  • BPA free Hot water on demand Safety feature
  • Charcoal water filter for improving the quality and flavor of your beverage
  • Temperature is under your control


  • The exterior might get rusty in a couple of months

What’s the bottom line?

If you like your coffee fresh and delicious every day and that too up to 12 cups, this 2-way coffee maker it’s probably a good value for money. Moreover, you can also use hot water on demand feature to make other beverages like soup or tea!

Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew

Making your favorite caffeinated beverages with the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker is going to make your life a lot easier every day!

Two ways to brew with this two in one coffee maker, lets you make a full pot with your favorite grounds on the carafe side, you can also make a cup using K cup or even grounds on the single-serve side!

The appliance includes a Pod holder and a single-serve grounds basket as well. The cup rest can adjust a flask, mug or any sized cup so you can brew hot coffee right into your desired container. Moreover, the pod piercing needle can be removed thus you can easily wash it.

12 cup carafe side features an auto pause and serve, the appliance is programmable and also features a two-hour auto-shutoff so you won’t have to worry about your appliance burning out even if you forgot to turn it off before leaving the house.

Since each brewer has its reservoir, you can easily fill it up keeping an eye on the quantity of water being filled by the water window. This appliance is very flexible when it comes to brewing according to quantities, and the type of coffee you like, it is super easy to operate and looks beautiful on kitchen counters making it an ideal gift for a loved one.

The single-serve brew time helps you make coffee within 3 minutes because it only heats the water when you are ready to brew! Its all about producing delicious beverages, effortlessly!

Moreover, no more wasting time trying to adjust your mug especially when you are running late for work, you can brew coffee in your favorite mug, cup or any coffee holding container you like, no liability!


  • Brewing in advance is easy
  • Two-way brewing option
  • Multi-purpose machine
  • Cup rest lets you use your favorite mug
  • Easy cleaning so no chances of clogging
  • An auto pause and serve, no dripping mess


  • The appliance may not go well on a lifetime, will need maintenance often.

What’s the bottom line?

It’s a hassle-free appliance and makes coffee in no time, basically, it’s a near to perfect balance for quality and money!

How to Select a 2-Way Coffee Maker – A Complete Guide

Ease of Using

Consider appliances which you feel comfortable with, you don’t need to stick to a big size if you like a compact one. Check if the appliance offers easy handling and the reservoir has the capacity you need to brew a cup every day. A lot of people prefer appliances which are easy to clean because maintenance is an essential part of a machine to last long.

Coffee Variety

If you like coffee the professional way, dual coffee makers offer an array of coffee types you can pick from. Whether you like your coffee piping hot, strong medium, or light, most of these appliances have that system in-built!

Espresso, latte, and cappuccino making features are also offered by many 2-way coffee makers so why not go for what you love! If you love a variety of caffeinated beverages pick that dual coffee maker that offers that diversity.


This depends on how much coffee you like. The capacity of every dual coffee maker varies. Some dual coffee makers can adjust the size of your travel mugs and some just give you the number of cups you need into a carafe.

Glass Carafe or Thermal?

Not only is a carafe used to fill out your brewed beverage in but also, it keeps the beverage warm for a considerable period. When we talk about Glass carafe a hot plate is paired with it.

The advantage is that heat is added to the coffee over time. The downside of this, however, is that it can leave a burnt like taste in your coffee if you leave it in for too long as the heat keeps adding.

The advantage of a thermal carafe is that your caffeinated beverage stays warm, no extra heat is added so the quality and flavor resonate with your choice. It might not be piping hot after two hours but it will be considerably hot enough for you to enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cleaning a dual coffee very difficult?

It shouldn’t be because most coffee makers let you disassemble parts making the cleaning much easier. You can run a descaling agent on both sides of the dual coffee maker and it’s clean!

As you can run both sides simultaneously, it won’t be time-consuming and of course, a lot easier too! The surfaces are even easier to clean, use a warm damp cloth to remove coffee stains but makes sure you are cleaning it every day.

Will I get quick coffee?

Dual coffee makers do make the quickest cup of coffee for you. However, mostly the most powerful dual coffee makers do make some noise but your coffee gets serves the quickest. It also varies on different appliances; each one has an allotted time.

When should I buy a dual coffee maker?

During sales, discount seasons, and of course when you want to upgrade from your old coffee maker. You should also be changing your coffee maker when your coffee maker starts wearing down or if you feel the need for coffee has increased! However the most sensible decision would be buying a dual coffee maker during sales, you will be saving a lot of money!

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