Guide You The Way To Have Good Trip

To have a nice trip, you should prepare carefully and then implement it. A good trip must be prepared carefully. And now we will help you to have a good camping.

When you go far, you want to go camping. And so you must have a tent. How many people in a tent is good. If you doubt this matter, you can read in 6 person tent reviews to know more about go camping.

Look At The Terrain, Weather

Depending on your interests, you and your family can choose to camp on high hills with forest path operation ideal for hiking, cycling or areas near lakes, streams suitable for boating, sentence fish. However, a prerequisite before proceeding is studied topographical maps and where you will set up camp. You can learn more information about the clinic, the nearest support center if something goes wrong room.camping Hammock

Whether traveling anywhere, you should monitor the weather frequently to watch on the road. If there are abnormal forecasting rain, storms, landslides, should stop the trip and arranged into a more appropriate time.


Unlike the predefined trip schedules, camping tourism brings comfort, freedom for you from the planning to cover, control where to eat, place to sleep during the trip. Whether near or far distance, by car is the best way to carry furniture, luggage, your tent. You should note before going to inspect vehicles, furniture spare parts, carrying all the papers, driver’s license, vehicle insurance.


Bring more clothes than real need is always age-old problems of people traveling. You should calculate just enough clothes for the trip and dates of use. Should wear several thin layers to easily maintain temperature and take a jacket, just avoid entangled trees, insects and squeezed just a precaution forest at night, low temperatures will ease colds when exposed to wind. A room scarf when it is cold suddenly became absolutely necessary. You should choose a soft canvas shoes, soft feet, capable of sweat, spiny soles, foam, mountain road to walk easily.

Tents, Sleeping Bags

The house and bed ideal trip is a tent and sleeping bags, avoids rain or shine, insects and bring you good sleep. Before deciding to rent or buy, you must take regular usage, understand the information on size, style, fabric tent and sleeping bag temperature recorded on. Each camp will specify the type of travel for some people, but if you carry more backpacks, other personal items, you should consider and ask for advice from the provider to choose wisely. Sleeping bags should fit the weather select areas of your stay, with materials made of synthetic fibers or feathers will light, easy to carry and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.tent camping

Currently on the market there are enough categories dedicated tents with mats, sleeping bags, but keep in mind when selecting a tent must meet the criteria for waterproof, breathable and resistant insects. You also need to pay attention to some other factors such as the material of the tent poles, check with torn tents, punctured or zippers with smooth before buying. Of the four basic types of tents are tents letters A, cell shape tent, dome tents and tent designs have wall tents letters A and cell design is kind of handy, removable simpler way. You should also practice a few times to set up tents used before the actual trip.

Food And Drink

Besides a lot of items to bring, you should prepare the necessary food while ensuring adequate nutrition to the menu by preparing in advance and in sufficient quantities needed. Always make sure there is enough clean drinking water for the whole day or portable water disinfection tablets or the travel water purification equipment room when all the water.

For day trips, ready meals, canned easily maintained as bread, sausages, canned meat, noodles, cheese, chocolate, confectionery, bottled water is the top choice. But if the trip is longer by 2, 3 days to more sophisticated food preparation and kitchen utensils such as tourism, lighters, pots, pans, bowls, chopsticks, fresh meat has been preliminarily impregnated chilled, cold ice box. During the picnic, the barbecue, hot pot favored by the simplicity of the cooking process and help people gather together for warmth.






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