To have an ideal camping trip

Picnic, camping will be perfect trip with everyone without any problems if you make a plan carefully.

Prepare and utensils

When you go camping, especially in places like wild in the forest, river, stream, you need to prepare because the spirit is not there anything else like comfort at home or in hotels. So, if it is n’t determined that there is no air conditioner, soft cushions, clean gas, fragrant baths, you select the only method inexpensive overnight.

Since there is not any item, any comfort, you have to prepare for the camping trip more carefully than a regular jouney. Tents are the first things you have to think about coleman 6 person instant tent. The special tents, with blanket, sleeping bag will help you sleep better, not afraid of forest mosquitoes, rain or shine negligent.Camping with friends

To care for three meals in the woods, do not forget to bring the available food, which canned easily and maintained as bread, sausages, canned meat, shrimp paste, noodles, confectionery, bottled water … If you want campfire cooking you need to bring more flexibility of the glass with kitchen, lighters, pots, pot, fresh meat has been preliminarily processed at home …

For entertainment while in place “green forest, red mountain”, you can bring a camera, a music player … but note this storage appliances, avoid damp, by placing them in a moisture-proof bag specialist use. Also preloaded navigation software, manuals on your smartphone if there is backup.

The important thing when deciding to set up camp overnight for you to take a trip and make some new experiences is you have to choose the place where is safe for eveyone to have no accidents. People choose to live near the area, summer camp during daylight. Burning fire flame to maintain throughout the night. Each tourist camps are clearly categories for some people, but you need to calculate how to size tents match with everyone and carrying belongings. So, in fact, a tent for 4 people just fit 2 adults and 2 children, two adult type tents that will make you uncomfortable when carrying backpacks, leather.

Tents, sleeping bags

The house and bed in the ideal trip is a tent and sleeping bag, preventing the rain and sun from the bad conditional whether, insects can be make you have a bad sleep. Before deciding to rent or buy a tent, you must consider the level of using frequently, understand the information about size, style, fabric tent and sleeping bag temperature on record. Each tourist camps are clearly categories for some people, but if they carry many backpacks, personal belongings, you should consider and ask for advice from the provider to choose wisely. Sleeping bags should choose matching weather base area, with materials made of synthetic fibers or feathers will light, easy to carry and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.Camping Trip


Bring more clothes than demand is indeed for everlasting problem of people who go traveling. You should calculate just enough clothes for the day of visit and intended to use. You should wear many thin layers to easily maintain temperature and carry jacket, just avoid entangling trees, insects and squeezed both prevent nocturnal forest, low temperature will take a cold when exposing to wind. A shawl room when the weather suddenly cold is absolutely necessary. You should choose soft, smooth feet shoes to be capable of sweat, spiny soles, sucking, mountain forest road and walk easily.

Food and beverages

Besides a lot of gear to carry, you should prepare the necessary food while ensuring adequate nutrition following the menu before and prepare sufficiently needed quantities. Always make sure that there is enough clean drinking water for the whole day or portable water disinfective tablets (Aquatabs member) or water filtrative device travel while all domestic room.

For day trips, ready meals, canned easily maintain such as bread, sausages, canned meat, noodles, cheese, chocolate, confectionery, bottled water are the top choice. But if the trip longer by 2, 3 days, need more picky in food preparation and kitchen utensils such as tourism, lighters, pots, pans, bowls, chopsticks, fresh meat has been preliminarily processed impregnation marinated, cold ice bucket. During the picnic, the barbecue, hot pot favored by the simplicity of the cooking process and help people gather together for warmth.



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