How To Choose A Tent For Backpacking

Backpacking is an enjoyable activity which requires a lot of walking and carrying a backpack full of your belongings on your back.
Sometimes, when you go backpacking in the trails across various mountains, lakes and campsites, it is a good idea to spend one or some nights outside. You would be able to enjoy the nature and I assure you that there would be nothing as precious as walking up seeing the blue skies with birds chirping and counting the stars at night – which you cannot do in the city full of artificial lights.
In case you want to spend your night outside, of course you would need a sleeping place which can be your tent or a hammock.
It is very important for you to have the best tent to protect you from the rain, keep you warm and allow you to stay safe. When you look out for the market of backpacking tent, you would be overwhelmed by all of the choices and options you could have. There are several important factors that you need to consider in order to choose the best backpacking tent for you.
Here is the list of what you should consider when you buy a tent for backpacking:


Price is the most important factor but you would not base your decision on the price factor only. The main responsibility of price is to help you narrow down your search so that you would spend less time searching for the tent that matches your preferences and needs.
In addition, price is a signal of quality. If the tent that you are going to buy is so cheap, it might wear out immediately and could not provide enough warm and comfort for you.
When you want to buy a tent to use for one time only, you can look for one with a lower price. However, if you are serious about backpacking and want to have more experience about it in the future, you should go for a more expensive one.

Level Of Comfort

The next question you should ask yourself is how you can survive the night outside. There are a lot of models of tents which can help to deliver different level of comfort.
For example, if you want to stay comfortably inside a tent with a lot of gears and equipment around you, you could go for the freestanding backpacking tent. This type of tent is typically heavy but it will be spacious and enable to you sleep inside soundly.
Other types of tent such as the tarp could not help you to get rid of the insects totally but you would be able to sleep on a smooth and insulated surface.


Thirdly, you need to consider the options of how big the tent is, meaning that you need to decide how many people are going to share the tent with you.
If you are a solo backpacker, you can buy a tent just for one person to save cost and weight of the tent. However, even if you intend to use your tent for yourself, it is fun to think that there would be some times when you have a friend or a partner go backpack with you and then share your tent.
Therefore, my advice is to go for a tent for 2 people. The marginal increase in cost and weight is not that much and you are well prepared for the future.


In the market, you would be able to have the option of 3 season rating tent and 4 season rating tent.
The former, the 3 season rating tent, is suitable for backpackers who often go camping in the spring, summer and fall. While on the other hand, the latter is suitable for you to camp over night all year long.
So think about the seasons that you normally go backpacking in to make your decision. If you want to explore the wilderness even in the winter, go for 4 season rating tent. Keep in mind that the 4 season rating tent will be heavier and have more poles so it can stand against the rain and the snow better.


The weight of the tent might become an important topic to look into if you want to reduce the weight of your backpack and hence having more comfort on your way to go backpacking.
In case you want to buy a lightweight tent, there are a few things that you need to consider. First of all, look for the material of the tent. Secondly, look for tent with fewer features and poles. And moreover, there are many other features of the tent that might affect the weight of it, which I have mentioned above, such as the capacity and level of comfort.
You need to make a tradeoff between these key features. For example, you cannot expect to have a big and spacious space with a small weight number.
This list contains the most essential and crucial factors that you can consider when you choose a tent for going backpacking. There are a lot of other things that you should take into consideration such as brands and designs. You can ask someone who has experience in backpacking to choose one tent for you.
With the best tent that you can find in the market, you would be able to have a lot of fun and enjoyable time without getting sick when you come back from your trip.


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